NOTE: Although, I am still seeing some new clients in the office on a case by case basis, I am offering remote consultations for all new and existing clients (anywhere in California or in States where may be a dearth of providers) during this pandemic. Providing mental health services is considered an essential activity and I continue to endeavor to provide the highest level of care during this difficult time.

Dr. Malik is a board certified, integrative, functional and psychodynamic psychiatrist practicing in Santa Monica, California. He practices general adult and adolescent psychiatry, integrative psychiatry, addiction medicine and psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Dr. Malik treats a variety of psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, personality disorders and others by utilizing medications, supplements, lifestyle changes, as well as psychotherapy and the principles of functional medicine to identify underlying causes of psychiatric disorders.

The following things set Arsalan Malik, MD apart from other psychiatrists:

Specialization in the area of Integrative/Functional Psychiatry and the ecologically sound care of the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) with a focus on producing lasting psychological change through judicious use of psychedelics and lifestyle interventions, with the goal of minimizing or eliminating psychiatric medications with harmful side effects, while supporting nutrition, natural healing, connectedness, and mind body optimization. I try to get to underlying/root causes of psychiatric symptoms through comprehensive evaluations of an individual's history of trauma, and testing for the health of the gut microbiome, food allergies, heavy metals, environmental and bio toxins, autoimmune and infectious issues, nutritional/metabolic imbalances and inflammation and mitochondrial functioning in addition to the basic bloodwork most psychiatrists are able to order.

Specialization in mood and co-occurring personality disorders including narcissistic and borderline conditions. These are often the cause of needless polypharmacy and complicated medication regimens which don't work for most people.

Specialization in treating patients dually diagnosed with a psychiatric condition and substance use problems who present unique challenges in treatment for the average psychiatrist. He utilizes in office urine drug testing to keep patients accountable. Dr. Malik has over 500 hours of experience as medical director of various residential treatment and rehab facilities.

Dr. Malik has been certified and trained in providing ketamine assisted psychedelic psychotherapy by the Center for Transformational Psychotherapy and the Ketamine Training Institute in Marin. Psychedelics are the next frontier in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Medicines like MDMA and psilocybin will be FDA approved within 5 years. Ketamine has already become standard of care for off label treatment of depression and trauma.

One-on-one interaction with Dr. Malik.

Concierge model of care with ease of accessibility at most times including after hours if needed.

Genetic testing for personalized medication solutions, especially useful in cases of "treatment resistance" and or a history of intolerable med side effects.

Customized treatment to suit each individual’s specific needs: He provides long-term treatment, time-limited treatment, crisis intervention and consultation. He uses a psychoanalytic approach, in addition to cognitive, dialectical, behavioral, mind-body, holistic and biological models, lab and genetic testing if needed, and significant other/family interviews if indicated to better understand the complexity of individual patients and develop a treatment plan that is unique to their needs.

Unlike most psychiatrists, Dr. Malik is highly trained in different forms of psychotherapy having received a fellowship in psychodynamic psychotherapy from the Center for Psychoanalytic studies and has also completed full psychoanalytic training from the New Center For Psychoanalysis. Additionally, Dr. Malik is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy for depression, mentalization based therapy for personality disorders and motivational interviewing for addictions and family therapy.

Convenience of same week appointments.

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