Genetic Testing


Genetic testing has improved our ability to personalize treatment based on an individual’s unique ability to process medications. Each person’s genetic makeup influences how they will respond to a given medication. Dr. Malik utilizes P450 genetic testing for some patients to help choose medications and to provide a personalized approach to prescribing medications. This allows Dr. Malik to help patients get better faster and to minimize side effects.

This test is especially useful for patients who fear trying psychiatric medications because of a bad experience or a bad side effect with medications in the past. The testing allows us to choose only the medications that patients have a high likelihood of responding to without side effects. Studies have also shown that when doctors utilized genetic testing to guide treatment decisions, patients were two times as likely to respond to the selected medication. It is as easy as rubbing a cotton swab on the inside of the cheek. The test is affordable and results are available in a matter of days. today to find out how she can customize a medication regimen that will address your symptoms quickly and minimize side effects.

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